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Attack Dance Team: Sharks Playoffs

After this HUGE WIN it put the Sharks at a 14-1 record for the season. This is the longest win streak in their teams history. This win pushed them on to the Championship game vs the Carolina Cobras. As always the Attack Dance team was there to hype the crowd and our team to victory! The halftime show featured an intense game between Jacksonville’s Mascots and a local youth football team. Also, we all celebrated a very special occasion as it was CHUMS birthday!

Attack Dance Team : 70’s & Fan Appreciation Night

70’s & Fan Appreciation Night was one to remember. Sharks took on the Orlando Predators and scored a record high 85 points! The Shark attack dance team made sure to show the love to the fans before, during and after the games. Signing autographs, meet and greets with the fans, and dancing to the some classic 70’s James.


Attack Dance Team: Halloween In July

Halloween in July with the Jacksonville Sharks. They took on the Massachusetts Pirates which ended in an amazing overtime shootout and the Sharks took home the win! Also Haunted Houses were provided by the scary friends at the 13th Floor, and the Attack Dance Team put on some creative “Halloween themed” routines to keep the crowd pumped up.

Attack Dance Team: Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night was definitely one to remember. There was no hope for the visiting Jacksonville Streets as we defeated them 83 to 51. This was the most amount of points the Sharks have ever scored in one game! We got our revenge on the streets after they beat us on the home opener. Sith Lords, Jedis, Bounty Hunters and Storm Troopers could be seen at everywhere you looked and of course all the glowing Light-sabers.

Attack Dance Team: Education Appreciation & Superhero Night

A night filled with the fictional Superheros we have come to love as well as the Educational Superheroes in our school systems. Many of our great teachers were given recognition for their dedicated commitment to education. The Attack Dance Team had their hands full as they helped lead the Jr Attack during their performances this week. This was to showcase off all the hard work they put in during their dance camps. The game was getting close near the final minutes but the SHARKS took the VICTORY!!!!